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 Professional Property Inspections Inc.

           prevent buyers aftershock with a professional property inspection

                       Full home inspection with pest and dry rot reporting

Description :
A full home inspection starts when I arrive at the property. I make a visual scan of the site the structure(s) and vegetation adjacent to the structure(s). The next step is a complete evaluation of the exterior which includes roof and roof penetrations siding, doors, windows, flashings, gutters, site grading, hard surfaces such as walkways and driveway, stairs and decks if any exist. Next I will enter the residence and start the interior evaluation. The interior evaluation includes an evaluation of the walls,floor, ceilings, doors, windows electrical, plumbing and heating of every room in the residence. During the entire process I will be observing and documenting any issues that are a safety concern such as open electrical boxes, stuck windows, lack of smoke detectors, excessive hot water temperature, poor furnace venting and many many more areas that can cause safety concerns. I test all fixed appliances, plumbing fixtures and electrical outlets that are unobstructed. Next I will enter all accessible attic, basements and or crawl spaces that do not present a danger to myself or the residence. During the entire process I will be writing comments and taking digital photographs of any areas of concern. The comments and photos are entered into the final computer generated report which is then presented to the client.

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